Hey Guys,

We here at Ephemera are so, so sorry for the continued delays. We want to make sure that everything is in perfect working order when we’re ready to let you guys in, so we’ve been working our butts off, and unfortunately ran into a few snags, which has brought us to yet another delay, and since I just currently moved over the weekend, and our schedules are quite tight, we’re not going to announce an opening date just yet, in case of future disappointment.

So, as for now, we’re going to say that we’ll be opening sometime within the next to weeks. Right now it’s down to the aesthetics, and just a few things need to be typed up, but we’re really quite busy with our own schedules, with College starting in a few days, and a computer that needs mended.

We apologize again, and can’t wait to get everything in order for you guys to join us!




thegoddess-aphrodite asked: "I'd like to reserve Phoebe Tonkin! I'm interested in joining. Your friend (is our Krios) sent me this link."

No problem - gorgeous choice.

Just let me know your name and I’ll make sure that gets put down for you, dear.

Face Claim reservations are now open!

Face Claim reservations are now open!

follow for updates, announcements, and the soon-to-be-posted canon release.

follow for updates, announcements, and the soon-to-be-posted canon release.

Opening Delay

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that while we’re still working on everything between Krys’ work schedule and Mur’s moving schedule and Mars’ lack of laptop for the past few weeks has left us with a few things still need to be done before we open.

Of course we want the highest quality experience for all our members, so we’re going to have to push back on the opening for a week or two so we can wrap up some loose ends on the site before you guys can all see it! We’re really excited about everything that’s going on, but it needs a bit more polish and finesse before we’re ready for you to see everything.

We’re shooting for an opening date of August 12th, but if we get everything done before then you can expect to be the first people to hear about it!

Anonymous asked: "Will that be the only information given for the species or will more be added when the site opens. As it is a coastal town, what are mermaids or something along the lines of water creatures?"

Much, much more detailed information will be given out about each individual species once the site itself opens. The species guide on our Tumblr is more of an announcement than a full guide, just so people know what to expect once the site is ready. We have a few secrets up our sleeves for now, but don’t worry, water creatures are definitely a thing, though not necessarily Mermaids themselves. After all, like you said - it’s Aberdeen. Water and forestry are in abundance!

Species release coming within the hour!